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October 20, 2005

From Huge Project, a Mighty Anger Grows

The [ESDC] meeting also revealed that whereas early opposition was driven by a core of residents in Prospect Heights - the neighborhood that would bear the brunt of the new construction - opponents now draw support from a broader swath of neighborhoods in north Brooklyn and elsewhere in the borough, particularly Park Slope. Residents of that neighborhood, south of the project site, accounted for an unusually large number of speakers at the meeting, as did residents from nearby Boerum Hill.

"I think people began to realize how big this is," said Assemblywoman Joan L. Millman, who, in a setback for the developer, announced at the hearing that she would oppose the project.


NoLandGrab: Brooklynites gotta give the Times credit for quoting Assemblywoman Millman and working the announcement of her public stance against Ratner's proposal into the article.

Posted by lumi at October 20, 2005 9:31 AM