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October 19, 2005

"Independent" Group Admits Getting Cash From Ratner

WNYC News Radio
by Andrea Bernstein

This article documents BUILD's recent denials. But, despite the headline "'Independent' Group Admits...," the only admission that BUILD received developer funding in this report is from a Forest City Ratner spokesperson. Does that mean that BUILD still hasn't admitted anything?

MARIE LOUIS: What you have is an application we don’t have anything that documents revenues, that 1023 form is an application form.

REPORTER: But it says, in answer to the question, it says 5 million dollars WAS contributed by Forest City Ratner.

MARIE LOUIS: No it doesn’t. There is there is nothing that says we have received any money because we have not.

REPORTER: So why did they tell the IRS that they had?

MARIE LOUIS: We have not received 5 million dollars.

REPORTER: How much money have you received?

MARIE LOUIS: We have not received any money from Forest City Ratner.

article (including Real Audio link)

Posted by lumi at October 19, 2005 7:54 AM