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June 29, 2005

More coverage of Ratner's CBA

Ratner says the Community Benefits Agreement is "legally binding." Bloomberg says, "You have Bruce Ratner's word. That should be enough for you and for everybody else in this community."

We feel better about the whole thing -- don't you?

NY1, Bloomberg Pushes Ahead With Prospect Heights Nets Arena Plan
NY1 reports that: * the press conference was held nowhere near Prospect Heights where the arena is to be built, * demonstrators against the plan were barred by police, and * Ratner's plan has "widespread political support – including members of the Albany board that put the kibosh on a Manhattan stadium." NY1 online video: dialup/broadband

Field of Schemes, Mets, Nets work the media
Neil DeMause reveals that WCBS-TV and WCBS-News Radio reported that Ratner "giving the Atlantic Yards community where he wants to build the new Nets Basketball stadium $3.5 billion in community improvements."

NoLandGrab: $3.5 BILLION in community improvements? That would make Bruce Ratner the George Soros of Prospect Heights.

The Bergen Record, Nets owner reveals Brooklyn agreement

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