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June 6, 2009

More Disarray for the ESDC: Chairwoman Marisa Lago Quits

Develop Don't Destroy's take on the resignation of Marisa Lago, the CEO of the ESDC, is notable because it includes a list of individuals who have played a part in the Atlantic Yards saga over the years.

First Ratner dumped Gehry on Thursday. On Friday, according to the NY Observer, the Chair of the Empire State Development Corporation, Marisa Lago, called it quits only ten months after her appointment. This will bring even more disarray to the dysfunctional ESDC at a time when it is trying to fasttrack a modified Atlantic Yards plan.

Apparently the Lago testimony at last week's Atlantic Yards Senate hearing was her grand finale.

Ms. Lago, we hardly knew ye.

While we're on this subject, here is a list of all of those Atlantic Yards players who have come and gone while the opposition fights on into the end of its sixth year:

George Pataki
Eliot Spitzer

Roger Green

ESDC Heads:
Charles Gargano
Patrick Foye
Avi Schick
Marisa Lago

MTA Heads:
Peter Kalikow
Katherine Lapp
Eliot Sander

Team Ratner:
Frank Gehry
Jim Stuckey
Loren Riegelhaupt
Randall Toure

Team Nets:
Kenyon Martin
Jason Kidd
Richard Jefferson

(Any key players we're missing is unintended.)


NoLandGrab: All of these folks will be included in the Atlantic Yards Fight edition of 'Trivial Pursuit'.

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