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August 14, 2008

DDDB commentary on Willets Point eminent domain

As the NYC City Council takes a tough stand against the Mayor's eminent domain-abusing Willets Point proposal, Develop Don't Destroy notes some strange coincidences and contrasts.

Parallel Universes: Willets Point Redevelopment and the Atlantic Yards Proposal

We're wondering where the majority of Council members (31 members) claiming to be opposed to eminent domain in Queens were prior to New York State's approval of the use of eminent domain for Bruce Ratner's Atlantic Yards proposal. Or, for that matter, where they are now as it is not too late for some consistency on the issue.

Eminent Domain and "Fair Deal" Are Mutually Exclusive

A reminder that "eminent domain will be used as a last resort" when the threat of eminent domain doesn't work:

Mayor Bloomberg on WABC-TV talking about the city's plan to use eminent domain on 200 businesses to "redevelop" Willets Point:

..."There is a place for eminent domain. What the city is trying to do is negotiate a fair deal with everybody there," Mayor Michael Bloomberg said...

When "eminent domain" passes the lips of the Mayor of New York City you can be sure that "a fair deal" is not part of the equation. Instead the eminent domain negotiation bludgeon is at work.

Bloomberg Needs New Eminent Domain Talking Point

Bloomberg on eminent domain, August 13, 2008 (from NY1):

"We can't have a situation where one building owner sits there and sticks it to the whole city," said Bloomberg...

Sound familiar? (Never mind that in Willets Point there are 200 businesses the City wants to wipe off the map.)

Bloomberg on eminent domain, August 27, 2006 (from WABC-radio via Atlantic Yards Report):

Bloomberg continued:

In the case of eminent domain, it is--we have to keep changing our cities, and build the infrastructure and have the jobs and the housing, and you can’t just let one person stop all of that.

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