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September 25, 2007

Who are the buildings in your neighborhood?

TC-474DeanSt.jpgA charming yellow clapboard townhouse is a building in your neighborhood,
in your neighborhood,
in your neigh-bor-hoo-ood.

Meet 474 Dean Street, a three-story clapboard townhouse across the street from the footprint of Bruce Ratner's arena superblock. If Ratner has his way, this three-story 1,800 sq-ft house will be facing the south side of the Nets arena and Building 3, which, at a planned height of approximately 21 stories-high, would be the shortest high-rise on the arena superblock.

According to the Atlantic Yards Draft Environmental Impact Statement, "the New York City Zoning Resolution prohibits arenas within 200 feet of residential districts as some of the operations could be incompatible with districts limited primarily to residential use." Because the State of NY is using its power to supercede the NYC Zoning Resolution, Bruce Ratner's Atlantic Yards plan circumvents this regulation.

In other words, the Atlantic Yards plan goes beyond the Manhattanization of Brooklyn, because even in Manhattan, you will not find an arena across the street from a home, such as 474 Dean St.

Photo by Tracy Collins, via Atlantic Yards Photo Pool.

Posted by lumi at September 25, 2007 12:10 PM