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April 27, 2007

It came from the Blogosphere...

Blogosphere46.jpgGothamist, Extra, Extra

Portions of a building set for demolition for Bruce Ratner's Atlantic Yards project collapsed this morning. Perhaps it can be seen as a cost savings for Ratner?

OnNYTurf, Oh Man Is Ratner In Trouble Now: Building Crashes on Street

You can hear the snarking on Curbed already...

Apparently part of the Ward Bakery at the Atlantic Yards site, being demoed by Ratner crashed into the street...

Right on the damn Miata!

Yonkers Tribune, Ward Bakery Building Partially Collapses While Ratner Contractors Work on Building

The "home of the acid-tongued bloggers" from Yonkers keep tabs on what Bruce Ratner is up to in Brooklyn. Yesterday the blog posted Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn's press release.

Brownstoner, Ward's Bakery Collapse: The Photos

Tracy Collins, who's become one of our favorite documenters of Brownstone Brooklyn and especially Atlantic Yards and the Prospect Heights environs, has uploaded a hundred or so photos from the aftermath of today's building collapse at Ward's Bakery in the Atlantic Yards footprint. Definitely worth a look-see.

Four photos posted, plus links to hundreds of others.

Curbed, BREAKING CurbedWire: Atlantic Yards Building Partial Collapse
We linked this post yesterday, but in case you're interested, it was updated several times during the day. Also, one commentator noticed a NYC-wide trend:

Funny how any building with any whiff of "landmark" seems to meet with some sort of accident. Golly gee I'm beginning to think it's all deliberate...

NY Press, Building Collapse At Atlantic Yards Demolition Site
NY Press blogger Kari Milchman has an boneheaded original take on the Ward Bakery collapse demolition:

This afternoon, a Brooklyn building under demolition at the Atlantic Yards site partially collapsed onto the sidewalk. No one was hurt. Wait, isn’t that the point of demolition? Workers were in the process of removing asbestos when part of the Ward’s Bakery building fell. The homeless shelter next door was evacuated for precautionary reasons, sending 300 people back onto the streets. Neighbors and politicians are now calling for an investigation into Forest City Ratner's safety practices. Of course they are.

NoLandGrab: We predict a bright future for Milchman here.

The Daily Pube, We've Been Linked
Sam linked back to NoLandGrab after we carried his pointed reference to Ratner and included a nifty version of the "Wall 'O Grievance" class picture:

Apparently someone liked my comments about the destruction of NYC's older buildings; specifically in reference to the closing of the Brooklyn Inn, and how I mentioned Forest City Ratner.

It's a pretty cool site that details the day to day of the Atlantic Yards Project.

The Knickerblogger, Liars for Hire
"Knickerblogger" comments on Norman Oder's analysis of yesterday's NY Post opinion piece:

I'll spare you the lies and nonsense, and just mention that Charney's "poll" did what Forest City tried to do all along - hide the truth from the public. Nowhere did it cover the huge public outlays or abuse of eminent domain, which curiously, Charney didn't think was an issue. How he could not when 85% of Americans are opposed to it is beyond ludicrous - it is lie.

Posted by lumi at April 27, 2007 7:10 AM