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October 5, 2006

CB 2, 6, 8, The DEIS They Don't Appreciate

Brooklyn Downtown Star
By Norman Oder

Nobody asked them, but the three community boards covering the proposed Atlantic Yards footprint don't have much nice to say about what would be the largest project in Brooklyn's history. Community Board 6 voted in mid-September that it could not support the project in its current form. While CBs 2 and 8 did not take an official stand, the testimony they filed September 29 to the Empire State Development Corporation (ESDC) expressed strong objections to or concern about the plan.

Community Board 2, which would include some two-thirds of the proposed Atlantic Yards site, recommended that the density of the project should be halved, to be "no greater than Battery Park City at full build-out, which is 152 apartments per acre." (Last week, the City Planning Commission proposed an eight percent cut and developer Forest City Ratner quickly agreed, but that would take the project back to its starting point, in terms of square footage.)

CB 8, which has some members who strongly support Atlantic Yards, did not express any official consensus. CB 8 did submit a summary of the testimony at an August 3 public hearing that attracted several project supporters, but otherwise the submissions for committee chairs and others focused on criticisms of the project. CB 8 didn't address eminent domain, but CB 2 did, recommending against any use of that state power. Given that several property owners won't sell to developer Forest City Ratner, eminent domain seems inevitable - which means CB 2's stand is tantamount to opposition.


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