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September 6, 2006

Group moves to boycott Atlantic Yards meeting

By Chuck Bennett

The proposed boycott of the September 12th "community forum", which falls on the important primary election day, leads the AM NY story:

"That was not intentional at all," said Empire State Development Corp. spokeswoman Jessica Copen. The date, she added, can't be changed.

"Rather than giving up the electoral process for a fiasco of a hearing, we do strongly encourage and urge the public to attend the ESDC hearing scheduled for September 18th," Goldstein said. That will be the final hearing, which was added after last month's raucous gathering.

The article ends with coverage of recent talk about the scaleback of the project:

Final design plans would be unveiled in late September to coincide with recommendations by the City Planning Commission.


NoLandGrab: By outlining the next steps in the Atlantic Yards "process," this artilcle highlights the fact that public planning is entirely backwards in the case of Atlantic Yards.

Really, what was the point of the DEIS if the City Planning Commission hasn't released any recommendations or principles? Unless, of course, the actions of the City Planning Commission are a cover-your-butt move to make the "process" appear legitimate.

Posted by lumi at September 6, 2006 8:52 AM