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October 20, 2005

Al Rosner, Terrorism and Security Consultant

As a native New Yorker the 1st thing I thought of when I saw the Atlantic Yards Arena’s Site Plan was to go in with an Oklahoma sized Truck Bomb & get a couple of extra buildings with the arena.

Now a year & a half later I see only an Obscene Indifference to Public Safety. It’s as if 9/11, Madrid, the Freedom Tower move, London and Katrina all happened on some other planet! And the failed suicide attempt on the Atlantic Ave. Station back 1997 was in some other dimension.

This DRAFT SCOPE OF ANALYSIS is a betrayal of the Public Trust.

The Specific Location and Design of the Frank Gehry complex magnifies every risk, every societal dislocation, every vulnerability while giving it an ever higher value as a Terrorist Target… But you’d have no idea from this….

Location: The Arena sits over underground parking & is connected to the city’s 3rd largest Transportation Hub, at the congested crossroads at the heart of Brooklyn.

Design: Gehry’s glass walled arena & towers all crowd up to the sidewalks, vulnerable to any curbside blast, sending glass shrapnel, which is responsible for most all associated bomb blast injuries, at residents, workers & visitors of Brooklyn.

It’s as if only Manhattan’s safety matters.

How is it that the Freedom Tower lost its glass façade and was moved back from the unsafe streets. Or the Bloomberg administration could promise Embassy level security for the Jets Stadium. Brooklyn gets nothing… even though over half of the Department of homeland Security’s disaster planning scenarios apply to this one single project.

It is shameful!

And, even if no terrorist ever again sets foot in Brooklyn there are unacceptable consequences.

Here in NY the merest wisp of intelligence floods the subways with police…. And last year, for 3 days in August, total gridlock right here because of Washington, DC. So a Terror Alert, a Big Event, false alarms and suddenly all of Downtown Brooklyn locks up!

Or think, what if the NYPD demaps 6th Ave for security reasons as they are doing right now, here where we are testifying today, in FCR’s Metro Tech – and Police never have to explain why.

So then, what happens to traffic patterns… to air quality… to public health… to the local economy????

Right now this Draft Scope is Fantasy Land… it’s Criminal …

** 3 minute cut off….

What we need instead is to have the Scope expanded to incorporate the communities concerns regarding these issues and to require that the NYPD (with the Dept of Homeland Security) conduct a security & preparedness review of this project much as they did for Ground Zero. Even Marty Markowitz agreed this was the correct thing to do at a CBN member group meeting. Only then, after that review is complete, build the results into the final scope of the EIS.

Make me wrong… Take responsibility for the Public’s Safety! Do you job!

                            Draft of 10/18/05

Posted by lumi at October 20, 2005 08:30 AM