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September 18, 2012

Arena facade will provide an all-over light show at night

Atlantic Yards Watch

In what is something of a surprise, the facade of Barclays Center is to be illuminated by multi-colored LED lights set in between the body of the arena building and the metal shell designed by SHoP Architects. The lights will shine from each of the slots in the rusted steel exterior. The colors of the lights are variable. So far we have witnessed purple, white, green and blue being tested.

A model at a presentation in 2009 by SHoP and Ellerbe Beckett, the joint architects of the arena showed illumination from most of the slots. Since that time some images of the arena have shown lights coming from the slots. However it was unclear they were LED lights. Rather the lights appeared to be coming from interior windows, increasing the illusion of transparency of the arena facade. There are not windows for much of the facade. No images found online of the arena show the slots with colors.


NoLandGrab: That's going to be hell for the pigeons.

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