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August 16, 2012

Business as usual? Idling 18-wheeler parks on Pacific Street sidewalk, blocking residence; driver says, "I must wait for the arena"

Atlantic Yards Report

This is what happens when you cut corners and no one official takes charge.

From Atlantic Yards Watch: a tractor-trailer waiting to make a delivery to the Barclays Center on August 14 was parked, idling, on the sidewalk of Pacific Street between Sixth and Carlton avenues, near the Newswalk building.

The photographer confronts the driver and gets a "for the arena" defense.

Here's the timing for key moments, with quotes from the driver:

00:20 “I've been here all f-ing day I wait here & I can't move!
02:30 "I must wait for the arena"
03:38 "the arena security guard say to me, just stay here"
07:16 other illegally idling & parked arena trucks in ‘Red No Standing’ zone leave when they are being taped
07:29 resident on bicycle complains that the truck is in her way
08:35 cameraman calls cops
08:50 other parked trucks leave


NoLandGrab: Why didn't they just call Jay-Z?!

Posted by eric at August 16, 2012 5:50 PM