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July 24, 2012

Atlantic Yards arena construction ignores tough regulations to reduce noise and pollution, new report claims

Complaints of "...sleepless nights...dust...(and) vibration damage" from nearby Prospect Heights residents

NY Daily News
by Reuven Blau

Construction crews racing to finish the Brooklyn Barclays Center are ignoring strict regulations to reduce noise and pollution, a new report by critics has found.

In 2006, developer Forest City Ratner agreed to keep the site safe for Prospect Heights residents, by limiting late night work; constantly washing down trucks from dangerous dust; and requiring heavy duty vehicles to use main streets in an effort to avoid residential blocks.

But the study by Sandstone Environmental Associates, an environmental consulting group, concluded that many of those strict precautions were being ignored at the arena and other related sites.

“The construction mitigation measures can be considered a failure for numerous citizens who have experienced extremely loud noise, consecutive sleepless nights due to 24/7 construction activities, clouds of fugitive dust, vibration damage, and other impacts,” the 71-page study said.

Apparently, someone needs to help the perps understand the meaning of "committed."

“As the report acknowledges, Forest City committed to strict rules governing construction noise, dust and traffic mitigation that go above and beyond New York City's own building code because we are committed to minimizing disruption to our neighbors,” Jonathan Rosen said. “We take every complaint from our neighbors seriously and work hard to address them and meet our commitments to the community.”


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Atlantic Yards Watch, Study finds many problems remain after years of reports showing noncompliance with environmental commitments were submitted to ESDC

An analysis of documents submitted by the environmental consultant HDR retained by ESDC to monitor compliance with Atlantic Yards' noise and air quality protocols has found that the agency has been advised of significant areas of non-compliance on an ongoing basis since construction began in 2010. The analysis is contained in a report prepared for AYW by Sandstone Environmental Associates of Metuchen, NJ. Sandstone also found that some air and noise mitigations originally planned were likely inadequate, several planned mitigations were implemented late or not at all, and others that had been implemented unevenly were not being enforced either by FCRC, ESDC or City agencies.

Click through for a lengthy list of the ways Forest City Ratner is failing to meet its "commitments to the community."

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