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June 7, 2012

Breaking city rules, construction workers take a break, and smoke, at the Dean Playground

Atlantic Yards Report

Rule-breaking dopes brought to you by the letters F, C and R!

It's not the first time that construction workers (almost surely) from the Atlantic Yards site have been caught taking a break in the Dean Playground, despite city rules that bar adults from hanging out in playgrounds if they're not supervising kids.

But it's the first time they've been caught smoking, which violates one of the playground rules. (It's also a rule, by now, in city parks.)

Atlantic Yards Watch has two sets of photos, one set taken yesterday, with the workers smoking, and another taken June 4, with the workers just hanging out.

Enforcement would seem to be a job for both the Parks Department and the Police Department; according to AY Watch, 311 advised a call to the former.

A few construction workers, at least, do not think rules apply to them; hence the creation of free parking by uprooting a "No Standing" sign.


NoLandGrab: One might think it's also a job for Forest City Ratner and its state puppet overseer, Empire State Development, no?

Posted by eric at June 7, 2012 12:05 PM