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May 1, 2012

FCR's Glimartin: modular factory coming to Brooklyn Navy Yard

Atlantic Yards Report

It's long been known that Forest City Ratner was considering the Brooklyn Navy Yard for a factory to build modules for its prefab plan, but EVP MaryAnne Gilmartin, according to GlobeSt.com, says the Navy Yard is the place.

According to the report:

And although the company is underwriting the construction with an 18-month timeframe in mind, it believes as much as six months can be shaved off by going modular. Meanwhile, she said, renters at the tower will find the same design standards as they would in a conventionally built apartment high-rise: “No one will feel they got short shrift because they’re in a modular building.”

Keep watch, I'd suggest, for Forest City's search for subsidies to get the project off the ground.

Gilmartin, according to the article, said the developer plans to start on the first arena block tower, the world's tallest building at 34 stories, later this year. Company CEO Bruce Ratner last week allowed that the time frame could slip until 2013. It's been pushed back again and again.


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GlobeSt.com, Gilmartin: ‘Modular is Coming’ to High-Rises

Modular building is still mostly a European phenomenon, Gilmartin said, noting that the world’s tallest tower produced thus far with this system is a 25-story structure outside London. FCRC intends to change that, with the goal of deploying a modular factory at Brooklyn Navy Yard not only for its own projects but also eventually for third-party customers, “our competitors,” she pointed out.

That’s the long-term plan. More immediately, said Gilmartin, “If we build a 34-story modular building in Brooklyn, we have the finest advertisement for modular construction in the world.”

NoLandGrab: Unless it falls over. Then, not so fine.

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