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April 23, 2012

NHL commish: Brooklyn not good fit for Islanders, too far from Queens

Field of Schemes
by Neil deMause

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman told Associated Press sports editors on Friday that Brooklyn may not be a viable relocation site for the New York Islanders — but not because its arena is too poorly laid out for hockey. Rather, Bettman worried, in the AP's words, that the Barclays Center arena would be "hard to reach for the team's fan base in Long Island and Queens."

This is weird on several counts, not least of which is that the Barclays Center sits right on top of a rail hub, with not only nine subway lines but a Long Island Rail Road terminal, trains from which go to, you guessed it, Long Island. There's even a station two blocks away for the G train, the only subway in the city that goes straight from Queens to Brooklyn without sullying its wheels in Manhattan.


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Even if the arena has a small capacity for hockey games (14,000), the venue could always be changed to cater to a bigger crowd.

NoLandGrab: Except, uh, no it can't, since it's already shoehorned into a space which is too small for it, anyway.

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