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April 27, 2012

Daily Intel: "Bloomberg Promises 2,000 Jobs at the Barclays Center, Sort of" (with video)

Atlantic Yards Report

Here's the video of the question I posed to Mayor Mike Bloomberg, which didn't get an answer from him and provoked a joke from developer Bruce Ratner.


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Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn, Bloomberg Displays Ignorance & Petulance About Atlantic Yards. Bruce Ratner Makes Snide Joke

Today Mayor Bloomberg was at the Barclays/Prohorov/Ratner arena site with Bruce Ratner and Markowitz to tout 2,000 jobs coming to the arena.

Of course 2,000 jobs aren't coming to the arena, and needless to say the photo op was absent of details and substance. But when Norman Oder asked the Mayor a question about the validity of that number, the Mayor responded with mocking, petulant ignorance, and his buddy Bruce Ratner made a snide joke.

What neither did was answer the pertinent question about job figures—how could they when they come out of thin air.

@ShellySilver via Twitter, Gotta hand it to Bruce

Posted by eric at April 27, 2012 2:04 PM