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March 9, 2012

On Charlie Rose tonight, Bruce Ratner

Atlantic Yards Report

From the New York Post: "Barclays Center developer Bruce Ratner visits tonight's "Charlie Rose Show" (11 p.m./Ch. 13)."

How many tough questions will the host ask? Prediction: few if any. The segment should ultimately posted on Rose's website and Hulu.


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Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn, Tonight: When Charlie (Rose) Met Ratner

One wild card is Charlie Rose's long time relationship (we don't know if it is current or ended) with City Planning Commissioner Amanda Burden. We know that Burden, behind the scenes, wasn't too pleased with Atlantic Yards and it is hard to imagine that she is pleased with how it has played out so far, so maybe she'll feed some good info to Rose. On the other hand Rose, Burden and Ratner surely all rub friendly shoulders and are loathe to say an unkind word in public about the other. And on the third hand, perhaps Burden plays as much of a meaningful role on the Charlie Rose show as she did in the State-run Atlantic Yards project, which is to say--no meaningful role.

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