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March 15, 2012

Barclays Center plans global social media push

The Brooklyn arena has partnered with a company to expand its marketing reach by instantly translating its Web content into more than 50 languages.

Crain's NY Business
by Ali Elkin

Wow! News is this? Are not reading sheep enough web portal of U.S.? Uzbekistan fans not of team record with 15-29 however language many.

When Jay-Z throws his housewarming concert at the Barclays Center in September, fans around the world will get live updates about “99 Problems” in 53 languages.

It's part of the arena's owners' plan to build a tricked-out corner of the Internet where the Brooklyn venue can connect with music and sports fans. They announced Thursday plans to partner with Ortsbo, a Toronto-based technology company that specializes in instantly translating text, often for Tweets, chats and live blogs. Ortsbo's service will translate content on the Barclays Center website.

“We've now partnered with Barclays to create a global broadcasting center,” said Ortsbo CEO David Lucatch.

Ortsbo will lead Barclays Center's global social media push by instantly translating spoken or written text on the arena's website into more than 50 tongues. That way, users can view an international chat thread in their native languages.


NoLandGrab: Call him Genius Yormarketing for do they nothing.

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