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January 4, 2012

Lobbyist Lipsky expected to plead guilty today in case that involves Kruger (and touches Forest City Ratner, though developer was not charged)

Atlantic Yards Report

Speaking of crime...

So one question is: will Lipsky's plea indicate any assistance to Forest City?

Well, here's one thing Kruger did for Forest City--though this was not, to my knowledge, in the indictment and thus not necessarily connected to Lipsky: he issued an odd press release in September 2009 expressing concern that "the MTA would become an obstructionist body that would ultimately stand in the way of Atlantic Yards."


Related coverage...

The Wall Street Journal, New Plea in Bribes Scandal

A prominent New York City lobbyist is expected to plead guilty in federal court Wednesday in connection with a wide-ranging bribery case that also ensnared a powerful Brooklyn state senator, according to a person briefed on the matter.

On Tuesday, a former executive at Parkway Hospital in Queens pleaded guilty in federal court in Manhattan to bribing Mr. Kruger in a bid to keep the hospital open.

In a statement read in open court, Dr. Robert Aquino, the 54-year-old former chief executive of Parkway, admitted to working with others "with the understanding that in exchange for the payments, a member of the New York state Senate would take official actions in an effort—a failed effort—to keep Parkway Hospital open."

NoLandGrab: If it wasn't considered cruel and unusual punishment, we'd urge the judge to sentence them all to watching Nets games for the next 20 years.

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