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January 5, 2012

Brooklyn Broadside: Looking Back at 2011 in Brooklyn: It’s Not Just Atlantic Yards

Brooklyn Daily Eagle
by Dennis Holt

Well out of ideas after his many years at The Eagle, Dennis Holt is content to regurgitate some recent tripe from the Times.

The New York Times got into the act with a series of forecasts, and the comments on Brooklyn are worthy of note because they reflect what the Times editors believe are the major events coming our way. The section on Brooklyn focused almost totally on the Atlantic Yards story.

But the editors are not sure which of two forecasts will come true: “When the sports arena that anchors the $4.9 billion Atlantic Yards project finally opens in September ... it will undoubtedly transform Downtown Brooklyn. But will the 19,000-seat Barclay’s Center help its neighborhood become an epicenter of entertainment and commerce as most officials predict? Or will it be a vortex of traffic, trash and other civic headaches, as some residents fear?”


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