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January 19, 2012

Basketball Heavyweights

Bloomberg Sportfolio

This week on Sportfolio, Nets owner and real estate developer Bruce Ratner gives a progress update on the Barclays Center; Philadelphia 76ers CEO Adam Aron discusses his transition from private equity to NBA ownership; and Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski explains why he admires professional players, but has turned down multiple offers to become an NBA coach.

The segment with Bruce runs from 1:10 to to 6:40.


NoLandGrab: Is it possible we're more excited about the arena than Bruce is? Someone get that landgrabber a double espresso with a Red Bull chaser.

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Atlantic Yards Report, A softball interview with Ratner on Bloomberg TV's "Sportfolio": success depends on location (not government assistance)

Last night, on Bloomberg TV's Sportfolio, "Bloomberg's weekly inside look at the business of sports," the first guest was Atlantic Yards developer Bruce Ratner, at whom host Rick Horrow (not a journalist but "a leading facility development advisor") beamed lavishingly and described, at the end of the interview, a "true visionary, quintessential developer."

Horrow pitched a bunch of softball questions. The first:"tell us about progress" on the arena.

"The time has come," Ratner pronounced, in tones more stentorian than usual. "The progress is going great. We're about 60% done with the arena. The last piece of steel went up last week. You can walk around inside... and it's in a great location, right in the heart of Brooklyn, the center of the world, I might add."

If it's "the center of the world," why does he live in Manhattan?

Posted by eric at January 19, 2012 5:08 PM