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December 20, 2011

From Atlantic Yards Watch: Generators at Carlton Avenue and Pacific Street disrupt residents

Atlantic Yards Report

Norman Oder follows up on yesterday's Atlantic Yards Watch post on noisy generators.

Who wants to live near generators, especially when the decibel level gets stratospheric?

So, is "noisier equipment," as per the memorandum, situated "at locations that are removed from sensitive receptor locations and are shielded from sensitive receptor locations wherever feasible," provided with significant noise shielding?

Apparently not:

Although the Memorandum specifies a "minimum 8 foot height perimeter barrier (constructed of 3/4 thick plywood), with a 16 foot hight barrier (of 3/4" thick plywood) adjacent to sensitive locations, including locations along Pacific Street, Dean Street, and Flatbush Avenue opposite residences," there are no barriers of that description installed in this location. The generators are separated from residences by a chain link fence that does not shield noise.

Yesterday, I contacted the state and city officials in charge of Atlantic Yards construction issues, but didn't hear back yet.


Posted by eric at December 20, 2011 12:56 PM