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November 30, 2011


F**ked in Park Slope

Is our nabe headed to the Oscars? Maaaaybe. BATTLE FOR BROOKLYN, a feature length documentary about the controversial Atlantic Yards project, is one of fourteen films currently in the running for an Oscar nomination.

Husband and wife filmmaker team Suki Hawley and Michael Galinsky spent eight years carving over 500 hours of footage down into the feature length documentary, which has won numerous festival awards, including this year's Rooftop Films Summer Series Official Selection (you can read our FiPS review of the film HERE).

“I’m not placing odds on us [winning],” Galinsky recently told THE BROOKLYN PAPER. “I’m very excited that we even have a chance.”


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Park Slope Patch, Atlantic Yards Film a Finalist For Oscar Nomination

If "Battle for Brooklyn" makes it to that prestigious evening, [Daniel] Goldstein said the publicity would go a long way to bringing attention to what is going on at Atlantic Yards.

"The Oscar recognition will loudly amplify the community’s voice of opposition and further expose the corrupt Atlantic Yards boondoggles,” he told the Brooklyn Paper. “It also provides clear evidence that the community’s fight in Brooklyn has universal interest.”

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