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November 11, 2011

Assemblyman Boyland found not guilty in corruption case, despite lies and no-show job

Atlantic Yards Report

...But believe it or not, we hold our elected officials to an even lower standard than we hold Bruce Ratner.

Assemblyman Carl Kruger, and (by extension) Forest City Ratner must be breathing a little easier after learning that Assemblyman William Boyland, charged in the same overall federal corruption case which snared Kruger and mentioned FCR (in relation to Kruger), was acquitted yesterday.

In Jury Acquits Assemblyman of Conspiring to Take Bribes, the New York Times reported that the jury found Boyland's actions questionable but not criminal:

Most jurors felt that Mr. Boyland “clearly did things wrong,” the juror said, citing evidence that he lied on disclosure forms about his work for MediSys, and that he had a no-show job.

...“We could not connect the dots,” the juror said. “We could not say that because he got the money, he advocated for MediSys... We couldn’t do that beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Other party guilty

Here's what's confusing: the former MediSys CEO, David Rosen, was already convicted of conspiring to bribe Boyland in return for him helping MediSys. Maybe the difference was that Boyland, who did not testify, chose a jury trial, and Rosen chose a bench trial before a judge.

Kruger's trial is in January.


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The New York Times, Jury Acquits Assemblyman of Conspiring to Take Bribes

After the verdict was delivered, Mr. Boyland said, “I’m looking forward to getting back to serving as assemblyman for the 55th District.”

NoLandGrab: We bet he is. Dispensing his patented brand of compassion.

Posted by eric at November 11, 2011 10:33 AM