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October 5, 2011

To Prefab or Not to Prefab: Atlantic Yards Design Decision Will Be Made This Year

NY Observer
by Matt Chaban

Prefabricated buildings have not been such a hot topic of conversation since Buckminster Fuller passed away, but that is about all anyone can talk about at Atlantic Yards anymore. On the one hand, it could signal a paradigm shift in how New York City builds, on the other, it goes against many of the employment promises Forest City Ratner made when the project won support from politicians and labor unions. With building plans recently filed, the decision on what to do is getting close. How close? The Observer asked Maryanne Gilmartin exactly that.

While Ms. Gilmartin could not say when the decision would be made, she did admit, “We’re on the cusp.”

“It’s definitely a 2011 conversation, and one we look forward to having very soon,” she added. That leaves us with 88 days until the big reveal.


NoLandGrab: Their decision definitely probably likely possibly maybe could come any day week month year decade now.

Posted by eric at October 5, 2011 11:24 AM