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October 27, 2011

Longing For Correcting Images to Jay-Z’s Hip-Hop Hype and Ratner’s Atlantic Yards “Strategy of Distraction”

Noticing New York

Is Jay-Z in the dark about the realities of Atlantic Yards, or is he in the know and a bit discomfited by it all? Michael D.D. White offers a third option.

Noticing New York can propose a third theory, one that could be considered a hybrid of the other two and one that can go a long way to explain Jay-Z’s sour puss. Noticing New York sallied forth with this theory once before.

The theory?: Jay-Z signed on to an agreement to promote Atlantic Yards once upon a time when he didn’t understand the facts of the megadevelopment but forgot at that time to include in the agreement he signed what is known in the entertainment industry as a “reverse morality” or “reverse morals” clause, a clause that had it been included in his contract, could by its design have given Jay-Z ample opportunity to walk out on the project given the shameful conduct of his partners to date.


NoLandGrab: Allow us to propose a fourth theory. Given that Jay put money before morality in his pre-stardom drug-dealing days, to borrow a line from fellow hip hop star Eminem, maybe he "just don't give a f**k."

Photo: Tracy Collins

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Michael D. D. White, in a Noticing New York post headlined Longing For Correcting Images to Jay-Z’s Hip-Hop Hype and Ratner’s Atlantic Yards “Strategy of Distraction”, suggests ways to amend the promotional images of Jay-Z and his Atlantic Yards partners, as in the example below.

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