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October 9, 2011

Bordering construction site, indoor noise routinely exceeds 65 decibel threshold

Atlantic Yards Report

As I pointed out October 5, the city's current CEQR [City Environmental Quality Review] Technical Manual, dated 2010, states:


The selection of incremental values and absolute noise levels should be responsive to the nuisance levels of noise and critical time periods when nuisance levels are most acute. During daytime hours (between 7 AM and 10 PM), nuisance levels for noise are generally considered to be more than 45 dB(A) [decibels] indoors and 70 to 75 dB(A) outdoors. Indoor activities are subject to task interference above this level, and 70 to 75 dB(A) is the level at which speech interference occurs outdoors. Typical construction techniques used in the past (including typical singleā€glazed windows) provide a minimum of approximately 20 dB(A) of noise attenuation from outdoor to indoor areas.

In view of these factors and for the purposes of determining a significant impact during daytime hours, it is reasonable to consider 65 dB(A) Leq(1) as an absolute noise level that should not be significantly exceeded.

(Emphases added)

On October 7, inside the Newswalk building opposite the Vanderbilt Yard, as noted on Atlantic Yards Watch, one resident measured 7 am noise at 68 dB, accompanied by dust and smoke.


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