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October 20, 2011

ArtBridge and Atlantic Yards: art spruces up some construction fencing (and we remember some history)

Atlantic Yards Report

It is surely an improvement over dull monolithic construction fence around the Atlantic Yards arena block, and there are some excellent individual pieces of art in the installation Works in Progress, curated by ArtBridge, which has the worthy aim of sprucing up construction sites.

Still, it was a little strange yesterday to be standing on Dean Street listening to the heads of ArtBridge--Founder Rodney Durso and Director Jordana Zeldin--describe their efforts, with the nearest backdrop a fanciful vision of wild animals.

(Photos and set by Tracy Collins. I cropped the photo at [right].)

After all, the north side of Dean Street between Flatbush and Sixth avenues, now the southern border of the arena block, used to be a modest but sturdy Brooklyn street, as Collins's montage shows.


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Scaffolding Worth Looking At
The Atlantic Yards construction site is no one’s idea of beautiful, making it an ideal candidate for beautification by ArtBridge, the Chelsea public arts nonprofit dedicated to gussying up the city’s nearly 1 million linear feet of scaffolding. The group is turning roughly 2,500 square feet of perimeter fencing into canvases for twenty Brooklyn-based artists. The works were chosen from nearly 200 submissions by a jury including artist Vik Muniz, Humble Arts Foundation founder Amani Olu, and Brooklyn Museum curator Eugenie Tsai.

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