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September 30, 2011

Trucks still idle improperly at Atlantic Yards site, move from Pacific Street "No Standing" zone to Atlantic Avenue "No Standing" zone

Atlantic Yards Report

We fully expect to be relaxing in our Martian colony, watching a hologram about the last case of cancer, before Forest City Ratner and the ESDC enforce their own truck rules around the Atlantic Yards construction site.

Well, someone managing work at the Atlantic Yards site has been reading Atlantic Yards Watch. And they've apparently decided that, if they're going to continue to flout city parking rules by idling trucks in the early morning, it's better to do it on a non-residential street.

But Atlantic Yards Watch contributors are still watching.

In other words, the dump trucks that for weeks have for weeks been idling on Pacific Street between Sixth and Carlton avenues, occupying a "No Standing" zone, yesterday appeared (above) on Atlantic Avenue, occupying a "No Standing" zone between Carlton and Vanderbilt avenues.


Posted by eric at September 30, 2011 12:53 PM