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September 22, 2011

The relentlessly upbeat Brett Yormark, on Twitter, selling the Barclays Center globally

Atlantic Yards Report

The relentlessly upbeat Nets CEO, Brett Yormark, is worth watching on Twitter. (So too is his twin, who has the same love of hype.)

Note that Yormark is promising shows, fights, hoops, and--as of April--a guarantee that the Nets will be in Brooklyn for opening night 2012.

(That's more likely than his past promises, given the need to fulfill sponsorship contracts. Still, he did once say he was "convinced" of a 2011 opening. So we'll keep watching for after-hours work.)

Will Barclays be "the best building in the country"? Well, I suspect it will get a lot of kudos early on. That may depend, however, on ensuring that such reporters get ushered into the building without getting confused by having to walk through a residential neighborhood from the surface parking lot.

Click thru for a collection of Yormark's typically understated tweets.


Posted by eric at September 22, 2011 11:53 AM