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September 24, 2011

The collateral damage from construction = at least a month-long root canal; were sufficient mitigation measures (soundproofing, etc.) taken?

Atlantic Yard Report

Just like a good terrible neighbor, Forest City Ratner is there — 24/7.

Y'know, to get that Barclays Center built, there just has to be a little collateral damage. Arena boosters would say there's always disruption with construction--and there is.

Except it should be within limits, right? Nobody would countenance, say, dismemberment of just one member of the public. But what about a month-long root canal?

Forest City Ratner executive Jane Marshall suggested Thursday that disruptive, noisy overnight work near the intersection of Atlantic and Flatbush avenues would be over, like a "dentist's appointment," by the end of October.

"Losing my sanity"

Meanwhile, as one resident wrote in a complaint to Atlantic Yards Watch, late night work has been driving him nuts:

probably my last entry since it appears that the overnight jackhammering has been approved and will not stop for about a year until all is said and done. continuing the reporting to 311 is, therefore, a waste of my time.
looking at soundproofing my windows which is expensive, but so is losing my sanity.

As the complainant suggests, some work will continue for more than a month. Indeed, a message from Forest City Ratner points to the installation of new water trunk main and associated distribution mains on Flatbush and Atlantic Avenues, for which Stage Three work should be complete by April 2012. Other sidewalk work would last until August, 2012, though it's unclear how much jackhammering that will include.


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