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September 21, 2011

Q&A: For Brett Yormark, CEO Of The Nets And Barclays Center, No Sleep ‘Till Brooklyn

The Big Lead
by Barry Janoff

And now, for the entertainment portion of today's blogging — Brett Yormark rarely fails to disappoint.

In the first of a two-part interview, Brett Yormark, CEO of Nets Basketball and president and CEO of Brooklyn Sports and Entertainment, spoke with Big Lead Sports about basketball, Brooklyn and the Barclays Center.

Here are some highlights.

Big Lead Sports: What are the major challenges between now and September 2012?

Brett Yormark: My toughest challenge is that there won’t be an opportunity to sleep. I don’t sleep that much to begin with, but now there will be even less time. I say that kiddingly. But, obviously, there is so much to do.

BLS: In addition to Barclays, which has a 20-year, $400 million naming rights deal, you have 12 founding and top-tier partners. Do you envision room for more corporate partners?

BY: We have an incredible base of partners. But we are still aggressively marketing and selling. There are some key categories that we are finishing off: insurance, auto, airline, to be specific. We should be able to close those out and make announcements within the next 30-40 days. That said, our philosophy in Brooklyn when it comes to the commercialization of the building is that less is more. So we are not going to overdo it.

[Editor's Note: Yormark failed to correct the 100% inflation of the naming-rights fees.]

BLS: Have there been discussions with the NBA about hosting an All-Star Game?

BY: Let me put it this way: We are in the big event business, and the All-Star Game certainly would be classified as a big event. Our goal is to be aggressive to host every big event that we can.

In addition to big events, the Nets also host Nets games.

This is just Part One of a two-part interview. Stay tuned!


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