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August 15, 2011

One of 20 influential non-elected New Yorkers: Alan Fishman of numerous Brooklyn boards (and AY support)

Atlantic Yards Report

In The Influentials, City Hall’s second annual list of 20 influential non-elected officials in New York City, there had to be someone with an Atlantic Yards connection, right?

Indeed, there's Alan Fishman, Chairman, Brooklyn Community Foundation. An excerpt:

Alan Fishman started out as a banker. He ended up becoming a guiding force for a resurgent Brooklyn.

“It all sort of came together,” Fishman said. “The definition of a community banker who’s any good is [one who knows how to] to build the community. That’s the only way you get progress.”

Fishman serves as chairman of some of the borough’s most prominent institutions—the Brooklyn Academy of Music, the Brooklyn Community Foundation, the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership and the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation—and is on the boards of many other nonprofit groups in the city.

His wide range of interests has let him build connections across the borough and help guide a strategy for developing its economy, its culture and its charitable world. While still working full-time in the financial world, he is helping BAM plan its 150th anniversary and is actively helping the Navy Yard become an economic engine for the city.

Note Michael D.D. White's querying of Fishman after the latter testified (on behalf of BAM) in favor of the revised 2009 Atlantic Yards plan.


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