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August 10, 2011

Brooklyn hockey fans ready to welcome Islanders to new Barclays Center

NY Daily News
by Mark Morales and Al Barbarino

More "Brooklyn Islanders" fantasy.

The New York Islanders are one step closer to being nudged off the Island and cast adrift - but Brooklyn fans stand ready to hoist them back in.

Kings County hockey lovers jumped at the idea of having the team share the Nets' Barclays Center at Atlantic Yards.

Perhaps that door will open in Brooklyn.


NoLandGrab: And perhaps that's utter nonsense.

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Atlantic Yards Report, Daily News, forgetting arena design issues, cheerleads for move of Islanders to Brooklyn

[T]he Brooklyn arena was consciously redesigned to save money and focus on a very tight bowl for basketball, a fact unmentioned in the article and the caption. To accommodate hockey, there would be bad sightlines and only about 14,000 seats--suboptimal.

There still may be a financial argument--the Islanders' cable deal, but that's still a question mark.

TripleDeke.net, TripleDeke Poll: Islanders Arena

Even Islander fans know that the Brooklyn fable is nonsense.

Brooklyn, in my opinion is not a viable option. The design of Atlantic Yards is simply not conducive to NHL hockey. It could be a nice fill-in while something better is being constructed, but it can’t be a permanent home for the team.

Posted by eric at August 10, 2011 11:04 AM