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August 2, 2011

Atlantic Yards Project Causes Traffic Woes


New Atlantic Yards traffic patterns are thus far a big hit with motorists.

Drivers at a busy Brooklyn intersection are dealing with a new traffic pattern because of the ongoing Atlantic Yards project.

Vehicles going north on Fourth Avenue can no longer turn left on Flatbush.

The idea was to reduce traffic tie-ups, but residents said Monday that it's making the problem worse.

"I would say the whole situation we have going on with the new sports stadium and the rerouting of the traffic and everything is a whole mess. It's terrible,” said one resident. “I'm a native of Flatbush, Brooklyn, and I hate it. I hate the whole Atlantic Yards project, it’s just a travesty."


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It's too soon to tell the full effects of the Forest City Ratner-devised, Department of Transportation-accepted plan to divert northbound traffic on Fourth Avenue so drivers can't make a left on Flatbush Avenue, but initial reports indicate confusion and frustration.

Drivers heading west must go left on Atlantic and right on Third Avenue to reach Flatbush, while those heading to the area around Atlantic Terminal must make a right on Pacific Street, which has reversed direction, then a hard left at Pacific Street.

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