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July 17, 2011

The new Nets' arena rising in Brooklyn is shaping up as a huge plus for an underused neighborhood

Daily News

Somewhere, on some planet in another dimension, the fight over Atlantic Yards never happened. Nobody questioned the threat eminent domain used to empty a neighborhood. Nobody ever questioned why public money was being spent on an arena that would never return the monies spent and nobody questioned what benefits would come from the project and when. This editorial was written on that planet.

Designed so that half is below ground level and half above, the building will fit seamlessly into the bustle of the surrounding area, home to the nearby Atlantic Terminal Mall and Atlantic Center. It will neither clog the downtown Brooklyn commercial center to the north nor threaten the quality of life in residential communities to the south.

And, as a huge plus, the arena sits beside the convergence of nine subway lines and the Long Island Rail Road. A couple more subway lines and myriad buses ply routes within a few blocks.

To look at it is, again, to rue the wrongheadedness of the anti-development forces that delayed builder Bruce Ratner's plans for the arena, plus thousands of units of housing, through unsuccessful lawsuit after unsuccessful lawsuit after unsuccessful lawsuit.

Oh yeah -- those thousands of units of housing that have yet to even be designed, never mind delivered. And there's that pesky lawsuit that was successful because the ESDC said the project would be built in 10 years but they really knew it would take 25. Give us a call when the benefits arrive, if anybody lives long enough to see them.


Posted by steve at July 17, 2011 4:25 PM