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July 8, 2011

NY1 Exclusive: Barclays Center On Track To Open Next Summer

by Jeanine Ramirez

About half of the steel is now in place at the Barclays Center, as NY1 saw on a recent tour with developer Bruce Ratner.

"You see the piece all the way in the back — it's called the truss — that's going to be the beginning of the top of the arena,” said Ratner.

The roof is scheduled to be completed by winter. Many of the stands are already in place. It’s a dream finally becoming reality for Ratner, who has been planning to bring the Nets to Brooklyn since 2006.

"For all of us, it's a big whoosh moment,” said Ratner. “Something that's been long in coming."


NoLandGrab: The "whoosh" is actually the giant sucking sound of all the subsidies Bruce is collecting from the taxpayers. And Bruce has been "planning to Bring the Nets to Brooklyn" since 2003 — he had promised they'd be playing in Brooklyn in 2006.

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Atlantic Yards Report, AY down the memory hole: NY1 reports Ratner's planned to bring the Nets since 2006

"It's the kind of access no one else has gotten," says NY1's Jeanine Ramirez self-congratulatingly, introducing a progress report headlined Barclays Center On Track To Open Next Summer.

(She lets Ratner wax enthusiastically about his deal with the Brooklyn Academy of Music, paying no heed to Michael Galinsky's essay, Don’t Let Atlantic Yards Developers Control the Narrative.)

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