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July 1, 2011

Cultural Circus? Mr. Ratner’s Attempt to Rechristen His Arena A “Cultural Center”

Noticing New York

Michael D.D. White takes an entertaining look at the recent "news" that Bruce Ratner will stage some "cultural events" in his arena.

One respect in which Ms. Hopkins and Mr. Ratner have not coordinated to get their act together (about what they are “coordinating”) is whether we are talking circuses here. Mr. Ratner is saying NO, Ms. Hopkins is saying YES.

In contradistinction to the “cultural institution” camouflage Ratner says he is interested in gaining with his wham-BAM press release, Ratner describes circuses as part of the commonplace perception people generally have of arenas from which he wants to move away:

“. . . . . then you have an arena, which, people think about sports and circus and so on”

But Ms. Hopkins contradicts Mr. Ratner by apparently envisioning that recommending circuses (pardon her French) may be exactly what BAM will do:

She said she expects the performances to be “on a very large scale, large nouvelle cirque kind of work, big dance kind of things, music.”

For those who might need it translated “cirque” is simply French for “circus,” whether “nouvelle” or not.


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