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July 14, 2011

Can sidewalks on residential Dean Street handle (some of) 3000 pedestrians coming from arena parking lot? "Sidewalks are expected to be sufficient," asserts ESDC

Atlantic Yards Report

The Empire State Development Corporation has posted [PDF] (also embedded below) 68 questions and responses from the 6/14/11 public meeting on traffic issues.

Over the next few days, I'm going to highlight some of the issues raised.

Sidewalks on Dean

This one jumped out:

31. Are sidewalks on Dean between 6th and Carlton sufficient to handle crowds coming from parking lot?

Pedestrians will use Pacific Street, as well as Dean Street. Sidewalks are expected to be sufficient.

Unlike in the rest of the document, the ESDC did not fall back on statements like "As disclosed in the FEIS [Final Environmental Impact Statement]," "The FEIS did not recommend," or "The FEIS did not assume."

Why? Because they never studied it.

Dean Street, not Pacific

Also note that Dean Street, not Pacific, has been considered the prime route, since there is an arena entrance on Dean Street, but not one on Pacific Street.


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