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July 18, 2011

An unsigned defense of Yormark (and criticism of me) in Arena Digest

Atlantic Yards Report

An unsigned 7/17/11 article in Arena Digest, Debate continues over new Nets arena, is surely written (or influenced) by the pseudonymous NetIncome (aka Bobbo), the dyspeptic and prolific main contributor to NetsDaily.

The article purports to be a summary but bears a project-affectionate slant, with a few digs at me.

A "matter of process"

It begins:

The new Brooklyn arena for the relocating New Jersey Nets (NBA) continues to generate controversy; community activists opposing Atlantic Yards won a court decision but failed to persuade a judge to stop construction on Barclays Center.

...However, she did not halt construction on the first phase of the project, nor did she halt progress on the second phase, which will include surface parking and more.

...really the win in court last week was more a matter of process being reviewed than any decision on the merits of the project.

Winning the court decision is pretty significant without having to stop arena construction, which was unlikely. Surface parking is part of Phase 1.

And the case was never about the merits of the project, it was about whether the environmental review was sufficient. The judge said it wasn't--a highly unusual intervention.


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NoLandGrab: "Net Bobbo's" lack of transparency is a perfect metaphor for the lack of transparency in the Atlantic Yards backroom boondoggle.

Posted by eric at July 18, 2011 10:16 AM