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June 21, 2011

Nets start planting roots in Brooklyn (we mean that literally)

The Brooklyn Paper
by Natalie O'Neill

Really? This is a story?

The Brooklyn-bound basketball continues to pitch itself as a good neighbor, this time by promising to donate hundreds of trees to the borough.

In September, the team will plant 300 oaks and maples in open spaces around the borough — like in Fort Greene Park — as part of its “Trees for Threes” effort, which matches one tree with every three-point shot made during the team’s 24-58 season.


NoLandGrab: They'll need to plant about three million trees to offset all the carbon emissions that their traffic-choking arena will generate.

Related coverage...

Atlantic Yards Report, The Brooklyn Paper covers an Atlantic Yards story (it's about tree-planting)

The Brooklyn Paper comes a little late to the media event June 17 that was the tree-planting sponsored by the Nets and the Barclays Center, but there's a story today headlined Nets start planting roots in Brooklyn (we mean that literally).

Last week, as I pointed out, the newspaper neglected to cover three Atlantic Yards-related meetings, though today's story does mention the lingering anger (which the newspaper first wrote about last month) over planned traffic changes.

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