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June 1, 2011

Nets Pitch Self-Contained Brooklyn Arena. Sure, That'll Be Great for the Neighborhood

Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn

We repost this in full from our friends at DDDB.

$99 - $1,500 tickets to see the Nets? That's affordable? Don't worry, on StubHub they will be.

From the Times:

2012-13 Nets Begin Pitching Premium Seats

The Barclays Center in Brooklyn still lacks a roof, seats and a basketball court. But the Nets are already pitching their fans on tickets in their new home, which is expected to open in September 2012.

On Thursday the Nets will begin selling "all-access" tickets to the general public, which include unlimited food and drink. About 4,400 seats in the lower bowl will be included, with tickets from $99 to $1,500. Nets season-ticket holders in these seats will also get first crack at tickets to other events, including concerts, boxing and college basketball.

"We want customers to come for more than the Nets," said Fred Mangione, the chief marketing officer of the Nets. "For us, the question is how we add value."

Tickets will include unlimited food and drink and the customers will come "for more than the Nets." Sounds to us like this doesn't bode well for sports bars and clubs that are clamoring to open up next to the arena.

And the unlimited drinks don't bode well for the stoops, sidewalks and olfactories in the surrounding neighborhoods.

...The Nets are introducing a new advertising campaign to jump-start their ticket sales. The ads will include pictures of Brooklyn landmarks like the Brooklyn Bridge and Coney Island. Famous Brooklyn natives will also appear in the ads.

We'll be very interested to see which ones, but we're sure Nelson George won't be one of them.


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