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June 16, 2011

"I was a bit confused however, by your statement that you're "...concerned that the local shopkeepers were being forced out of business by the Atlantic Yards stadium project

A few weeks ago, we reported briefly on a New York Times story about the Bergen Street incarnation of a global art project entitled "Familiar Faces, on a Larger-Than-Life Scale, Help Bring a Block Closer Together."

Borough President Marty Markowitz must've clicked on our link, because four days later, he sent the following letter to Dana Eskelson, the Bergen Street resident who made it happen (click to enlarge):

First of all, Ms. Eskelson never claimed her block was in the project footprint. Secondly, Markowitz, a former tenant organizer, should be well acquainted with the displacement effects of gentrification. And thirdly, with all the issues that Atlantic Yards raises, how could it possibly matter whether someone calls it an "arena" or "stadium?" Could the Borough President's letter be any more pedantic?

But it is nice to know that everything in Brooklyn is so rosy that the Borough President has the time to send such helpful correspondence to Brooklyn residents who are actually concerned with the well-being of local small business people.

Posted by eric at June 16, 2011 5:43 PM