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May 10, 2011

The battle over the description of the battle (i.e., did Goldstein "sell" his apartment?)

Atlantic Yards Report

From Crain's Insider, 5/4/11, Daniel Goldstein, Film Star [subscription required]:

Battle for Brooklyn will showcase not only the fight over Atlantic Yards when the documentary makes its U.S. premiere at the Brooklyn Film Festival next month, but also its protagonist: graphic designer Daniel Goldstein. In a press release, the documentary is described as “the infuriating story of a greedy corporate Goliath.” Goldstein, the film's David, was the last to leave the area. He sold his condemned apartment for $3 million.

(Emphasis added)

From Crain's Insider [subscription required], today:

CORRECTION: Daniel Goldstein, who led opposition to the Atlantic Yards development, received $3 million to vacate his apartment and to compensate him for its acquisition by the state through eminent domain. The transaction was mischaracterized in a May 4 Insider item.

He may have received $3 million, but he didn't keep it--a significant chunk went to his lawyer, with additional sums for moving, renting, and finding a new place.


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