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May 12, 2011

RPA Assembly on Innovation and the Global City: the need to invest in infrastructure and human capital (what, not arenas?)

Atlantic Yards Report

Norman Oder reports on an interesting urban-planning forum held last month.

The Regional Plan Association's (RPA) 2011 Regional Assembly, “Innovation and the Global City,” held April 15 in New York City, explored "what global cities, from Singapore to London, and from Stockholm to New York, are doing to remain competitive on the world stage."

In case you're wondering, building a new arena to recruit a sports team from a neighboring state was not a focus of the event.

A Jane Jacobs echo

Opening the Assembly, citing advances in information technology, the RPA's Thomas Wright commented, "Imagine just what Jane Jacobs would have accomplished if she had access to modern social media."

It was an echo of Aaron Naparstek's April 2006 comment to the New York Times: "If Jane Jacobs had the tools and technology back when she was fighting Robert Moses' plans to bulldoze Lower Manhattan, I bet 'The Death and Life of Great American Cities' would have been a blog."


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