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May 23, 2011

If there are 500 workers at AY site, how does that compare to official projections? Well, 1000+ jobs were promised to last over three years

Atlantic Yards Report

There are 500 workers at the Atlantic Yards site, Forest City Ratner officials said last week, though there's no independent confirmation.

The total is difficult to trumpet since it’s so much smaller than the numbers promised, I wrote, prompting one observer to wonder: if the promised construction job figure was 10,000 job years (or 1000 jobs over ten years), wouldn't that mean that they are providing about half of the promised jobs?

Not at all.

Looking at the numbers

First, the current projected total is 17,000 job-years, up from the original 15,000. Those numbers, however, depend on a full build-out of the project, which is highly doubtful.

Second, the jobs were supposed to be concentrated in Phase 1, when the arena was under construction along with four towers. None of those towers is under construction as of now, and the first tower, Building 2, has been delayed and may be built via modular construction, which would significantly reduce jobs.


Posted by eric at May 23, 2011 11:01 AM