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May 4, 2011


by Joey Arak

How do international audiences react to our local knock-down, drag-out development battles? Standing ovations! That's what greeted Atlantic Yards mortal enemy Daniel Goldstein, who was in Toronto for the premiere of Battle for Brooklyn, the doc about the controversial megaproject. The film fest circuit's next unlikely star? The flick screens in Brooklyn on June 3, and Atlantic Yards Report says the 90-minute length makes it "both understandably and troublingly limited." Maybe HBO can adapt it into a series. It couldn't possibly be more boring than Treme.


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The Atlantic Yards project has been rife with controversy since it was first proposed and although most of that drama has subsided, a pair of filmmakers from Clinton Hill are hoping to stir things back up with a documentary about the process and the corresponding eminent domain abuses that came with it. Behold the Battle for Brooklyn!

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