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March 19, 2011

The Transmigration of a Brooklyn Saloon

The New York Times
By Liz Robbins

Here's an article about Freddy's, once a center for opposition to Atlantic Yards and of how the now-relocated bar is doing.

As one of the last holdouts refusing to yield to make way for the Atlantic Yards development project, Freddy’s, which was at the corner of Sixth Avenue and Dean Street, generated such creative agitation it drew enormous publicity before giving up the fight last April.

Out of the limelight, Freddy’s has been settling into a quieter, comfortable existence on Fifth Avenue between 17th and 18th Streets.


The inside looks virtually the same because the deal that Freddy’s previous owner, Frank Yost, struck with Forest City Ratner, the developer of Atlantic Yards, had the entire bar packed into three industrial storage units for the next location.


Freddy’s, of course, preserved the symbol of its move. The “chains of justice” hang beneath the lip of the bar; last spring, patrons were prepared to chain themselves to the bar when the bulldozers came.


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