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February 10, 2011

Congrats to the Packers, but let's end the talk of moral superiority

The Sports ITeam Blog
by Michael O'Keeffe

Let me make one thing clear: I was rooting for the Green Bay Packers on Sunday. I like their history. I like their uniforms. I like Aaron Rodgers.

I especially like the fact that the Packers are publicly owned, and that somebody like Dan Snyder or Bruce Ratner will never have the opportunity to buy them and turn them into a laughingstock.

It is indeed cool that the Packers' archaic ownership structure means they'll never threaten to move to Wauwatosa if the good people of Green Bay don't build them a new stadium, and it is indeed cool that profits not used for payroll or infrastructure are contributed to the community.

But that doesn't turn Vince Lombardi into Dorothy Day, and I wish my progressive friends would stop preaching about the moral superiority of the Green Bay Packers.

While the Packers don't socialize debt and privatize profits, lots of athletes, coaches and teams have foundations that donate lots of money to good causes. And isn't there a bigger question to be asked here? The starting salary for a New York City cop is $35,000. The starting salary for a New York City teacher is $45,000. The NFL's rookie minimum is $325,000. What's wrong with this picture?


Posted by eric at February 10, 2011 11:31 AM